Hello lovelies!

It’s soooo good to be back! I know its been forever, four months and 15 days to be specific 🙈 I am so sorry I have not posted in that long. The past few months have been a roller coaster and I am glad for all the lessons I learnt.

A few of the lessons I had learnt before but became clearer to me, are:

What you need to do that you don’t do when you get an extra 5 minutes, you won’t do when you get an extra hour… You don’t need more time, you need to increase your dedication.

The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it. You have to water your garden.

Grow your worth

Hardwork is hard (Lol)

Stop giving excuses for your shortcomings, take responsibility. (on the other hand, try… trrrryyyy not to have excuses)

I’d just stop here, I really hope we learnt from these. There’s no need to learn from your own bad experiences, learn ahead and avoid he mistakes entirely.

Meanwhile… you know I love a power look

Let’s just enjoy this white power outfit that I designed. You can pre-order it in any colour by sending me an email.


  1. This dress is the definition of absolute loveliness! And yes, it’s good to have you back! I definitely held on to the fact that the grass is greener where we water it. Thank you Muyi and lest I forget, the new blog look is totally adorbs 😍

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