God, guts, grit and glory. My dear, You are a ball of glory! Passion Will you choose greatness? Ready, Set… No!

You wake up, You pray, You slay

Is that all that you are?

You go about your daily routine, You spend time with your friends

Is that all that you are?

You sleep, You dream of a better life… You wake up, forgetting your dreams

Is that all that you are?

You are grown now, the time is ticking… You are running around, trying to make ends meet

Is that all that you are?

Your dreams are slipping out of your reach… out of your consciousness, you can’t even remember them

Is that all that you are?

Underneath your breath is fear… fear of failure, fear of everything… Fear is stifling your thoughts…

Is that all that you are?

Standing in front of your mirror, counting your losses… wishing for glory days…

Is that all that you are?

You can be better

My dear, sit down… read these words over and over…

You can be better

Sing it to yourself like a melodious rhythm, let it be your meditation and your mantra…

“I can be better”

Image: Peniel Enchill

This picture has my heart… for obvious reasons. It got me thinking… many times we are so burdened with things that we should have dropped at hello, some of these things have now become such weights that drag and slow us down in our journey of life.

How far do you think a person can travel or move carrying lots of bags? How nice do you think they can look or dress? How happy and comfortable do you think they’d be?


The same goes for your mind, you can’t burden it with so much unnecessary baggage and expect it to work at its best, these things will keep interrupting your progressive thought process.

Now imagine your life, imagine how much more beautiful your life could get if only you let go of a lot of things. Imagine how much lighter your life journey would be, imagine how easily you would fly…

Hanging on to someone you should have let go, is a burden!

Low self esteem, is a burden!

Depression, is a burden!

Societal pressure, is a burden!

Worrying about things you can’t change, is a burden!

Fake friends, they are burdens!

and a host of other things, let them all go!

I know that some of these things are so difficult to drop, you have tried and tried. Some of these burdens came from situations that have scarred your heart, but let it go…

Let go and Let God!

“Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you”

Let His love heal you, let His mighty hand bear them for you.

Lift up your eyes and see… Heaven is closer than you know, don’t bear your burdens alone.


I saw this picture the other morning… and my heart skipped a bit, I had an overwhelming wave of “almost depression”. I rushed to check my calendar, it was the 27th of January.


I had totally lost track of the dates.

The end of January is already here and I almost can’t remember some of the goals I set on the 1st day of the year.

With days in January filled with me playing catch up with my life and schedule , I knew it was time to revisit my goals and come up with a new workable plan to achieve them. I sat for almost two long hours trying to work out a plan I could stick with, considering the final result, I knew I’d do my best to stick to it. I could do this every two weeks if I had to; restructuring my plans, everyday if I have to… as often as I derail from the plans.

So, what’s my point. Be it the first day of the year, first day of the month or any random hot afternoon… any time at all, is a good time to get your life back in order. Any day can be a new beginning for you the moment you decide that it is. A new beginning in your life is not necessarily tied to a new world season or a new calendar time, you decide your new beginning.


swim to the shore of your dreams.


to the challenges of your life.


and make a way for yourself, the world is waiting.


Hi lovelies!

I hope you all have been having a great year so far, mine has been hectic, but I’m thankful all the same. Talking about this little black dress today that has been long overdue for a post!

Without doubt, every girl needs a little black dress,it is a wardrobe essential. It’s a “go-to” for many outings and can be styled in different ways depending on the occassion. In a bid to get one for myself, I couldn’t quite decide on what I wanted from the different options I came across, it’s either I didn’t really like the style or it was too pricey (I love a good deal!).

This brings me to the point that you can create (within your capacity) whatever it is that you think you need. So, I designed one for myself, sourced the fabric and got a friend of mine to bring it to life for me! Her name is Abimbola and her Instagram handle is @abimbola0704, you can meet her for all your tailoring needs and much more, she’s amazing! I hope you like this dress as much as I do!


Design and Styling: Muyi Green

Tailoring: @abimbola0704

Hair: @justh_hair

Shoe and Bag: @tythi_collections

Style is a form of self expression. We live out our style… well, some people do while a host of others don’t. Over the years, I have realized that a lot of people have the potential to be very stylish but they most times fear that their style would be greeted with negative public opinion.

You have to own your style, it’s uniquely yours! Do not be afraid to dabble into new style trends or try out bold colors, a lot of people are so skeptical about putting on some colors, they love neutrals (I love neutrals too,they’re beautiful!) and sticking to what they’re used to and “comfortable with”, not like they don’t like it on others, they love it on others but are just afraid to try it, you need to branch out!

Explore your inner style desires! Believe me, you’re most likely to feel great when you look great! On this blog, I will be sharing my style with you, some of my designs and some style tips… but that’s not all!

I will also be sharing some inspiration and poetry. As you follow me on this journey, I hope you find the courage to live your dreams and if you have, may your dreams keep seeing the light of day!

Cheers to a great year ahead! and remember, allow yourself to explore yourself!