The other day,

As I sat there and watched

I saw the desperation of people

Wanting to be heard

Wondering if today will bring their breakthrough

I saw people spilling out raw talent

not knowing if there’s any chance in the world it’d bring impact

And that day, my heart wept

wept for the uncertainty they felt for their dreams

wept for the carnage of their hearts

wept… for their unspoken desires

I hope your dreams see the light of day

I hope your unspoken desires see the sun

I hope… your hope finds a place to breathe…

– The memoirs of an almost deserted dream


Outfit details

White tee – Mr Price

Denim and belt – Thrift

Heels – Random good find


  1. Toluwa Ajayi Reply

    I think this piece is exceptional, much like every other thing you’ve written. Keep shining.

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