love is a beautiful thing, but is it worth grief?

The girl slumped and died, so they said. I was walking down the pathway alone, looking down and kicking stones, wondering at life and it’s events.

I had asked those I heard talking about what happened, nobody really knows, the summary is just bad timing and sickle cell anaemia. How does a young teenage girl just die? How? At that point, I just couldn’t comprehend it, the pain, the grief… of her family, of her friends. I thought about the pain her mum and her dad must be going through, the heart break… and I wondered…

Why do we overlook details that are so important?

Sickle cell disease is inherited from parents, determined by their blood groups and I wondered if the love felt by young people in such situations towards each other is so strong… if it’s stronger than the grief of losing a child… I wondered, if the love they felt for each other could now save them from the grief… I wondered, if they were just ignorant at the time or if they knowingly made the choice… I wondered, if they’d make the same choice again if given a chance to go back in time…


To be candid… I don’t think it’s worth it… I don’t think any strong emotion of love you feel right now can be compared to the grief of losing a child to the cold hands of death, if your choice could have made a difference. You can find love elsewhere, but you can’t find that child elsewhere.

So, I’m appealing to you through this piece. If you’re in a situation where you have to choose, choose life.

Please, leave your comments. I’d like to know your thoughts. Thanks.

Outfit details: Top and skirt designed by me, brought to life by my friend Abimbola (IG: @abimbola0704)


  1. Nice write up, people should not be ignorant about the sickle cell thingy.. it usually pays to be wise

  2. I think there is more awareness about this genotype thing now.Even churches nowadays require it before joining a couple but the thing is that most people still go ahead and get married even when their genotypes are AS AS.They say they have faith .I’m not saying having faith is wrong but most people just say that because they feel they have gone too far and are too in love to go back.The best thing is to know the genotype of your partner at the very beginning before you get too attached and can’t let go.

    • Yes, that’s true. I just hope people learn. Though miracles happen in this regard, but pending the time that people are awaiting their miracle, I hope they live in wisdom.

  3. eddyfranklyn Reply

    Sickle cell is a terrible thing,Muyi u just inspired me.We learn daily and that is what makes us stronger we were all born to succeed and we were all born to be each other’s keeper thanks for this are intelligent,you beautiful and u are a fashion designer.thank u.

  4. In all things choose life, for when there is life there is hope!

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