Sometimes… the only way forward is backward, that is how I like to start this story… and I like to interpret it saying, no matter how far you have gone, the moment you realize you’re on the wrong path, progress in this regard will mean going back, it would make no logical sense for you to continue since it’d take you to a destination different from where you want to arrive at.

This is the summary of my life’s story in the past few years, and it’s been a ride… click here  to watch. These are a few tips I’d like to add after you’ve watched the video that might be of help, I hope you’re inspired!

Don’t feel pressured, these things take time

If you’ve taken a decision to change your life, you need to understand that this takes time… good things take time. It took me 3 years to start getting things right and putting to use, things I had always learnt and heard… avoid comparing yourself or being too hard on yourself. Have a plan, stick to it and make sure you’re progressing steadily.  You know what they say… start small, think big, grow fast!

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Planning cannot be overemphasized, though not just planning… strategic planning and forecast. This is how you can make informed decisions to progress your life. When you make the plan on a grand scale, break it down to daily bits that would lead you to your end goal.

Execute and don’t be afraid

It might seem like a lot at first, looking at everything on a grand scale… but it’s your life, it’s either you make it work or you make it work.. nobody will leave your life for you. So, go for it!

Have accountability partners

This would help you a great deal… support systems, mentors, great friends that can keep you in check, people you can rub minds with that spur you on to do more.

Persistence and Tenacity

There would be tough times, there would be bumps, things might not always go as you plan… some days you may cry yourself to sleep, but you have to keep at it. Everything would be worth it in the end. (Lol, remember to have a workable and realistic plan though, don’t build castles in the air).

Sadly, I no longer have pictures from when I was in my previous university, just the more recent ones. I hope you enjoyed the read! You can check out everything about my convocation on instagram using #muyisconvo18

Stay inspired!

With Love, Muyi Green.


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