Hello guys,

I hope we’ve all been good, glowing and growing? 😀

Today, I’m going to be talking about something a lot of us face, which is lack of motivation.

Are you feeling lazy? Lacking drive? feeling lethargic? your dreams now seem too big 😭 ? or you’re wondering why you even need to get out of bed in the morning or put in extra effort to achieve great results?

I mean, sometimes you might even be like what’s the point of all these things? 😂 let me just sleep and you keep tapping snooze on your alarm 😁 😜

I’d share some quotes with you, that I believe will help you wake up.

“20 children don’t play for 20 years. In 20 years they’d be in 20 different classes, mind your business”

“If you don’t take responsibility early, you might be a liability”

“It is your labour that creates your future”

“If you are not tough on yourself today, life will be rough on you tomorrow”

“Don’t ever think you’re young, everyday is adding to your age”

“No careless youth has a meaningful future”

“There is no free lunch in life”

“Go beyond the normal in the order of results you command”

“You carry rich potential, don’t waste it”

“Time is running out so fast on your life, if you don’t get serious now, you’re selling off your future without knowing”

“Only those who sit up now, become masters tomorrow”

“Commitment is a vow to deliver, circumstances notwithstanding”

“Global impact is always at a global price”

“No one ever arrives at a future that they are not prepared for”

See you at the top!


Note: All quotes aren’t mine, everything is gotten from The Bishop David Oyedepo’s teachings.

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