Hi Lovelies,

Happy new month of March! I am so so sorry I have not put up any blogpost in a while, I had a professional exam and a conference to plan which took a lot of my time! I’m back now and happy to have you here! 😀

Today I’m showing you this detailed orange pants that I designed and my friend Abimbola brought it to life for me! I really really love it and I hope you do too. Sometimes all you need for a simple outfit to pop is a bit of detailing!

In these past few weeks, I’ve learnt a few things, though I’ve heard these things over and over but it didn’t become real to me until these past few days and weeks. First of all,

“Effort is meaningless if results are not achieved” – Dr Olumuyiwa Oludayo

Stop giving excuses for your inability to achieve stated plans or intentions. Life gives you nothing on a platter, keep trying till you get things done!

Secondly, I was reminded that no matter how much you desire a particular thing or a particular end result, if you just plan and do nothing about it, NOTHING would actually happen, nothing!

So, overcome the “lazy” in you, plot the map of your life and work it out! If you sit back, watching it, wishing it, hoping it, praying it, “whatever it” you’re doing without taking action, nothing will happen, absolutely NOTHING!

Get up and create your life, it’s in your hands!




  1. I am watching you ger with corner eye..thank you for appearing on my radar once more

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