You are a gift

You are a storm

You are joy, bubbling joy

You are an encounter… a blessing

You are complete… a safe place

You are a covering… a changer of events… a changer of lives

Encapsulated with light…

It’s the life pouring out of your mouth

It’s the reassuring power of your words

It’s the drowning mystery of your eyes

It’s the gold lining your veins

It’s your essence… It’s your everything

It’s the god that you are…

It’s the joy you emit

It’s the confidence in your stride

It’s the surety in your soul

It’s the depth of your trueness

It’s the love in your heart

It’s the embrace in your aura

It’s the beginning of another’s everything…

Do you not see…

The miracle that you are

Do you not see,

that you are the answer to another’s prayers

Do you not see,

that the yes you would say to embracing all the light that you can be… is the truth someone else needs to see…

Do you not see,

that life, it’s woes and your fear, would tremble… if you approach it with all of you

Do you not see,

that you are another soul’s earthly salvation…

My dear, you are a ball of glory!


With Love,


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