Everything in between


Everything is set, Everything is ready

It’s time to move… I’m all dressed up, the door is open… but I can’t or rather… I just won’t… lethargy keeps creeping into my senses

I would rather just lie and sleep or do something that doesn’t require that I exert too much mental or intellectual strength.

Is that you? That was me some weeks ago, but I couldn’t keep that up for long. Maybe, just a few days 😭  There was so much to do, I couldn’t keep up with that feeling. Though, I was clearly overwhelmed that period (you know when you have so much to do but you end up doing nothing because you keep thinking about it and wondering where to start) but after missing some deadlines and much thought I decided to have accountability partners. So, what I couldn’t make up for in strength by myself, I made up for it using my circle.

Who are those in your circle?

I had heard the term “accountability partner” several times before now. I’m sure you have too, but a lot of times we just don’t pay attention to these things and we never act on them. I have tried it for a while now and it has helped me so far.

So, if you are having challenges keeping up with all you have to achieve and the deadlines you have set for yourself. Get an accountability partner for that area and see how that works out.

I hope this helped you as much as it helped me.

Cheers to achieving more.

The dress is my design, you can send an email to pre-order.

With love,