God, guts, grit and glory. My dear, You are a ball of glory! Passion Will you choose greatness? Ready, Set… No!

Sometimes… the only way forward is backward, that is how I like to start this story… and I like to interpret it saying, no matter how far you have gone, the moment you realize you’re on the wrong path, progress in this regard will mean going back, it would make no logical sense for you to continue since it’d take you to a destination different from where you want to arrive at.

You are a gift

You are a storm

You are joy, bubbling joy

You are an encounter… a blessing

You are complete… a safe place

You are a covering… a changer of events… a changer of lives

Encapsulated with light…

It’s the life pouring out of your mouth

It’s the reassuring power of your words

It’s the drowning mystery of your eyes

It’s the gold lining your veins

It’s your essence… It’s your everything

It’s the god that you are…

It’s the joy you emit

It’s the confidence in your stride

It’s the surety in your soul

It’s the depth of your trueness

It’s the love in your heart

It’s the embrace in your aura

It’s the beginning of another’s everything…

Do you not see…

The miracle that you are

Do you not see,

that you are the answer to another’s prayers

Do you not see,

that the yes you would say to embracing all the light that you can be… is the truth someone else needs to see…

Do you not see,

that life, it’s woes and your fear, would tremble… if you approach it with all of you

Do you not see,

that you are another soul’s earthly salvation…

My dear, you are a ball of glory!


With Love,


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There is no passion to be found playing small, In settling for a life that is less than one you are capable of living – Nelson Mandela

Some days ago, I sat and thought of all the choices I could have made that I didn’t make… and all the choices I still have the opportunity to make.

I thought about old age and how old people may sometimes feel, looking back on their lives… I thought of pain, relief and joy… I could almost feel it after lingering on the thought too long…

I thought about life… I thought about adventure…

I thought about fear… I thought about faith…

I thought about desire… I thought about passion, driving passion…

I thought about a hundred dreams in the grave…

I thought about gains and losses in this game of life… the losses not being entirely bad, because we learn lessons from them…

and the gains, oh the gains… totally, totally worth it… So, what’s your passion? What keeps you up at night?

What’s that thing that makes you feel like lightning struck a cord in your heart?

Go for it… whatever it is (of course, legit stuff… Lol)

With Love, M.

See, they tell you these things but you do not listen…

How badly do you desire the life you want?

Round and round you go;

Decisions, decisions and more decisions

No execution

Two steps forward, one step backward.

How long will it take you?

Yes, planning is important but execution is king

Don’t play yourself

Anyway, it all boils down to your choice;

Will you choose greatness?

when the storm rages and it seems it would all be over;

will you choose greatness?

when you don’t want to get up in the morning because of previous failures;

will you choose greatness?

when several doors have been slammed in your face;

will you choose greatness?

You have so much potential though you are so tempted to quit;

but will you still choose greatness?

Consider these things.

With love,

Muyi Green

Everything is set, Everything is ready

It’s time to move… I’m all dressed up, the door is open… but I can’t or rather… I just won’t… lethargy keeps creeping into my senses

I would rather just lie and sleep or do something that doesn’t require that I exert too much mental or intellectual strength.

Is that you? That was me some weeks ago, but I couldn’t keep that up for long. Maybe, just a few days 😭  There was so much to do, I couldn’t keep up with that feeling. Though, I was clearly overwhelmed that period (you know when you have so much to do but you end up doing nothing because you keep thinking about it and wondering where to start) but after missing some deadlines and much thought I decided to have accountability partners. So, what I couldn’t make up for in strength by myself, I made up for it using my circle.

Who are those in your circle?

I had heard the term “accountability partner” several times before now. I’m sure you have too, but a lot of times we just don’t pay attention to these things and we never act on them. I have tried it for a while now and it has helped me so far.

So, if you are having challenges keeping up with all you have to achieve and the deadlines you have set for yourself. Get an accountability partner for that area and see how that works out.

I hope this helped you as much as it helped me.

Cheers to achieving more.

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With love,


Hello lovelies!

It’s soooo good to be back! I know its been forever, four months and 15 days to be specific 🙈 I am so sorry I have not posted in that long. The past few months have been a roller coaster and I am glad for all the lessons I learnt.

A few of the lessons I had learnt before but became clearer to me, are:

What you need to do that you don’t do when you get an extra 5 minutes, you won’t do when you get an extra hour… You don’t need more time, you need to increase your dedication.

The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it. You have to water your garden.

Grow your worth

Hardwork is hard (Lol)

Stop giving excuses for your shortcomings, take responsibility. (on the other hand, try… trrrryyyy not to have excuses)

I’d just stop here, I really hope we learnt from these. There’s no need to learn from your own bad experiences, learn ahead and avoid he mistakes entirely.

Meanwhile… you know I love a power look

Let’s just enjoy this white power outfit that I designed. You can pre-order it in any colour by sending me an email.

Hello guys,

I hope we’ve all been good, glowing and growing? 😀

Today, I’m going to be talking about something a lot of us face, which is lack of motivation.

Are you feeling lazy? Lacking drive? feeling lethargic? your dreams now seem too big 😭 ? or you’re wondering why you even need to get out of bed in the morning or put in extra effort to achieve great results?

I mean, sometimes you might even be like what’s the point of all these things? 😂 let me just sleep and you keep tapping snooze on your alarm 😁 😜

I’d share some quotes with you, that I believe will help you wake up.

“20 children don’t play for 20 years. In 20 years they’d be in 20 different classes, mind your business”

“If you don’t take responsibility early, you might be a liability”

“It is your labour that creates your future”

“If you are not tough on yourself today, life will be rough on you tomorrow”

“Don’t ever think you’re young, everyday is adding to your age”

“No careless youth has a meaningful future”

“There is no free lunch in life”

“Go beyond the normal in the order of results you command”

“You carry rich potential, don’t waste it”

“Time is running out so fast on your life, if you don’t get serious now, you’re selling off your future without knowing”

“Only those who sit up now, become masters tomorrow”

“Commitment is a vow to deliver, circumstances notwithstanding”

“Global impact is always at a global price”

“No one ever arrives at a future that they are not prepared for”

See you at the top!


Note: All quotes aren’t mine, everything is gotten from The Bishop David Oyedepo’s teachings.

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love is a beautiful thing, but is it worth grief?

The girl slumped and died, so they said. I was walking down the pathway alone, looking down and kicking stones, wondering at life and it’s events.

I had asked those I heard talking about what happened, nobody really knows, the summary is just bad timing and sickle cell anaemia. How does a young teenage girl just die? How? At that point, I just couldn’t comprehend it, the pain, the grief… of her family, of her friends. I thought about the pain her mum and her dad must be going through, the heart break… and I wondered…

Why do we overlook details that are so important?

Sickle cell disease is inherited from parents, determined by their blood groups and I wondered if the love felt by young people in such situations towards each other is so strong… if it’s stronger than the grief of losing a child… I wondered, if the love they felt for each other could now save them from the grief… I wondered, if they were just ignorant at the time or if they knowingly made the choice… I wondered, if they’d make the same choice again if given a chance to go back in time…


To be candid… I don’t think it’s worth it… I don’t think any strong emotion of love you feel right now can be compared to the grief of losing a child to the cold hands of death, if your choice could have made a difference. You can find love elsewhere, but you can’t find that child elsewhere.

So, I’m appealing to you through this piece. If you’re in a situation where you have to choose, choose life.

Please, leave your comments. I’d like to know your thoughts. Thanks.

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The other day,

As I sat there and watched

I saw the desperation of people

Wanting to be heard

Wondering if today will bring their breakthrough

I saw people spilling out raw talent

not knowing if there’s any chance in the world it’d bring impact

And that day, my heart wept

wept for the uncertainty they felt for their dreams

wept for the carnage of their hearts

wept… for their unspoken desires

I hope your dreams see the light of day

I hope your unspoken desires see the sun

I hope… your hope finds a place to breathe…

– The memoirs of an almost deserted dream


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